Thing 6: Accessibility

Activity: write a short blog post about your findings (in relation to accessibility), either with the website or your device

I can’t say  I was surprised by anything that I found, as I read through the material for this lesson, but the thought that did occur to me was how comprehensive the planning and structure of online content must be to ensure that it is digestible to all those who may access it. Also, I was impressed by the attempts made to make devices and content more accessible.

I put my workplace, a library, homepage (first image below) and the homepages of two local competitors (second and third images below) through WAVE and found that our report results were fairly similar BUT when I put a popular online seller through WAVE there were significantly more errors in the report (fourth image below)! One has to wonder what audience analysis that online seller has undertaken?

wave-analysis-cropped wave-analysis-uts-cropped wave-analysis-uni-of-syd-cropped wave-analysis-jb-hi-fi-cropped

Thing 5: Diversity

Activity: share your Bitmoji and write a short blog post on your thoughts around diverse representation online


I had a terrific amount of fun creating my avatar above (and dressing it). As the article Can computers be racist? states, the internet is considered a great equalizer; however, as this module has pointed out, like anything, the devil is often in the detail and we need to be mindful of assessing internet content and tools for partiality.

Thing 4: Digital Security

Activity: Go to Settings on your phone or device and look at what information your apps are using or use to check through the permissions on your devices and social media platforms. Write a short blog post on what you found/did not find being shared by your apps.

I checked the Settings on my phone and I used the Privacy Cleaner app to scan my device. I found that a lot of apps have a lot of permissions on my phone. I don’t, however, feel able to judge whether or not this is a good or bad thing as the Privacy Cleaner app reported that 36 apps threaten my privacy and 4 of those apps pose a HIGH risk. However, one of the ‘high’ risk apps came with the phone and another is an antivirus app! I have no idea how to react to the information provided!


Thing 3: Digital Footprint

Activity: write a short blog post reflecting on what you found and your thoughts on Digital Footprints

I don’t actually have much of a presence and I want to make sure my presence does not come back to bite me. What I did not like when I searched for my name was zoominfo taking my name and details (obviously from my workplace – who knows how!) and then offering the information back to me as a service – what a cheek!

I found myself on Ravelry (I have two patterns available for download) and Vimeo (not much there at all), Twitter (obviously a personal account and not frequently used), and Credly (just recently finished an Online Course – and it shows).

Post script: here is an Australian link to some helpful information on reputation management

Thing 2: Blogging , Step 3

a) What I hope to get out of 23 [Digital Knowledge] things:

Learning new things, deepening existing knowledge and a really good understanding of how to engage with the the digital world more effectively.

b) Were you aware of the University’s Social Media Guidelines for Staff and Researchers or the student Social Media Student Handbook? What do you think of the guidelines/handbook?

The student handbook was straightforward, concise and easy to read and understand. The Guidelines were more specific and formal. The chart of dos and donts at the end of the document was very helpful.